mobile responsive websitemobile responsive website

Personalised design

We can design a website for you, made completely from scratch. We offer you individual design, aesthetics and artistic message.


Currently the basis for the functioning of websites is their mobility. We will make a website for you that will display correctly on your phone, tablet and desktop computer.

Compliance with W3C standards

W3C standards define the standards by which a website should be built. We place great emphasis on the proper "clear" of the website code. A properly constructed page code contributes to better indexing results by Google robots.

Full service

Help in buying a domain, server space. Location of files on the server and necessary configuration.

personalised websites
personalised websites


1. Clarification of needs

Before you send us question, you should think about what content should be placed on the website. The amount and variety of content will affect the size of the website. Any comments regarding the appearance of the page will be helpful, for example the colors that will be used.

2. Pricing

The valuation depends on the size and the complexity of the website.

3. Design

At the very beginning, the customer receives a preliminary visualization that will determine the further direction of work. The customer has the opportunity to actively participate in the process of creating a website.

4. "Something ends, something begins"

After completing the website design, placing files on the server, our work will be over, but the new website will start working for you.


Contact us to arrange details. Contact form


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mobile responsive website

A fully responsive website. The size of texts and elements changes dynamically depending on the size of the browser window or the resolution of the mobile device.

Site operated in 3 languages.

Home page designed as an intro with animated elements and a slide show in the background.

strona startowa
personalised websites

Most of the elements on the pages are animated, there are various visual actions.

Page code written with support for older browsers, e.g. Internet Explorer 9 from 2009.

The contact subpage has additional protection against copying email addresses by malicious Internet bots. The purpose of this protection is to prevent addresses from being added to the spam list.

strona startowa
personalised websites

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