Postbox sticker

Postbox sticker.
Size 20x4cm (7.87×1.57″) or 11x8cm (4.33×3.15″).
Other size to valuation (please contact us).
Any content.


color guide

Color guide


The sticker is the content itself (no background), which is transferred entirely by means of a special transport foil. The transport foil is removed after sticking the content.

Plotter film is resistant to sun, rain, frost, solvents. Plotter films will not fade like printed, because the foil has its own color, not imposed in the printing process. Plotter films for applications in the advertising industry, German production.


+ High quality materials.
+ Original and nice design.
+ Execution precision.
+ Satisfaction with purchased wares.
+ Constant order information.

The final decision is yours, because you know what is good.


Project on request.
Advice in case of doubt.


Usually from 5 to 7 days for signs, illuminated numbers and from 2 to 3 days for stickers. The wares are partly made by hand. Each product is created individually for each customer. Delivery time depends on the number of orders on a particular day. Usually there is a queue, customers order several items, and the overall lead time is longer.

After the purchase, the customer receives information about the estimated time of completion, and on the shipping day, the message about sending wares.


We can make for you any content and size. Please contact us to precise details.

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Sticker color

Gold, Brown, White, Black, Blue, Silver, Azure, Red, Green, Yellow, Orange


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